Christmas Tree Farming in New York State - It's a Year Round Job!       See Video on


Christmas tree farming quiz for kids

Christmas tree farming quiz for kids

Hey, kids! Could you cut it as a Christmas tree farmer? Try this fun quiz and see what you know about growing real Christmas trees in New York State -- GET STARTED >>>

Getting Started

Learn about starting a Christmas tree farm

Starting and running a Christmas tree farm is a lot of work. Learn what it takes to run a successful Christmas tree farm. View 10-slide presentation -- How to Start a Christmas Tree Farm >>>

Fun Facts posters available

This great set of four full size posters contains lots of good information about growing Christmas trees in New York State and the benefits to our environment of choosing a real tree.

Fun Facts Poster 1 Fun Facts Poster 2 Fun Facts Poster 3 Fun Facts Poster 4
Fun Facts Poster 1 Fun Facts Poster 2 Fun Facts Poster 3 Fun Facts Poster 4

Large format poster files are available on request, please contact Mary Jeanne Packer.
Email:, Phone: 802 236 0881

Farm Tours
Christmas Tree Farm Tours

Christmas Tree farms offer learning opportunities year-round. You can use our Tree Finder tool to locate Christmas Tree farms in your area – many farms offer school tours, special events and/or in-school presentations.

CTFANY Christmas Tree Curricullum Packet

Discover Christmas Trees curriculum packet  Click to Download...

The lessons in this packet will introduce students in grades K-8 to many important aspects of conifer trees and Christmas tree growing in New York State. Our curriculum materials offer both in-class and outdoor investigations of conifers. Through these multi-disci- plinary lessons, students will increase their ecological literacy and their understanding of the landscape in which they live. They'll learn the historical context for decorating with evergreens at the darkest time of year-a tradition that long pre-dates the religious celebration of Christmas.

Students will also learn about part of New York State's agricultural economy-Christmas tree farming. They'll explore the important ecological role conifer trees play in the region's web of life, and they'll ponder the pros and cons of utilizing living Christmas trees as opposed to artificial ones.

In short, these lessons will connect students with the landscape, history, economy, wildlife, plants, and people in their region. The lessons will challenge them and encourage their creativity, problem solving skills, research abilities, and much more. Each grade-appropriate lesson plan is linked to New York State Learning Standards and to Core Curriculum Standards. Students will find these lessons useful, engaging, and inspiring.

Research Tree Types

Come and visit our Tree Varieties database, which teaches visitors about the many types of trees that Christmas Tree Farmers grow every year. There are sixteen featured trees with descriptions, characteristics and a photograph. Pick the one you like best or encourage students to learn about them all.

National Christmas Tree Association
Check out the Teacher Corner on the NCTA website for more education resources to use with students

A children-friendly version of growing trees is also available at How Stuff Works.