Wreath Tradition
Wreaths and Greenery of New York
Drive through any town in New York State during the Christmas season, and you notice wreaths and greenery of many shapes and sizes adorning people’s homes. The Christmas Tree Farmers Association of New York boasts multiple National Grand Champion Wreath Maker Awards, and it’s no wonder why.  The lush greens harvested from New York Farms make for the most beautiful and fragrant of wreaths and greens.

When you choose your holiday greens and wreaths, make sure they are made in New York by New York State farmers!

History of the Wreath
Unlike the Christmas tree, the history of the wreath is a bit harder to follow. Many ancient traditions twisted branches into the shape of a diadem, or circle to adorn doors, tables and people. Wreaths were a design used in ancient times in Southern Europe, specifically by the Etruscan civilization, which ruled the area of modern day Tuscany. The pieces were jewelry made of gold and other precious metals and used most specifically during coronations of royalty, leaders and athletes. The symbol of the wreath was also stamped on coins. Read more about Wreaths History...