Caring for a Real Christmas Tree

Your real Christmas tree will last the entire Christmas season if you follow these few simple tips:

  • Choose a fresh cut tree. The best way to ensure you have the freshest Christmas tree is to head out to your local New York State Christmas tree farm or lot.

  • Fresh water - make sure you get your tree in water within the first 12 hours of bringing it home. If you're unable to do this, make sure you make a fresh cut one quarter inch up the trunk with a sharp saw. This reopens the tree stem so it can drink up water immediately. Your tree should have 1 quart of fresh water for each inch in diameter of your tree trunk.

  • Monitor the water in your tree stand bucket daily and make sure your bucket never runs dry. Trees are very thirsty. They may drink up to a gallon of water a day. Don't allow you water lever to drop below the fresh cut of your tree or the trunk may seal up.

  • Keep your real Christmas tree away from sources of heat. This will dry the tree out quicker and you might have needle loss toward the end of the season.

  • There is no reason to add preservatives. The National Christmas Tree Association doesn't recommend adding any type of manufactured preservative, Sprite or sugar to tree water. There are no studies that prove that adding any of these prolongs the freshness of your real Christmas tree. Subsequently, there is no need to drill holes in the base of your tree as it does not help in the uptake of water.

  • Use lights that are low heat such as LED's or miniature lights. This will reduce the drying of your tree, keeping it looking fresh and beautiful.