Beginning a Family Christmas Tradition
Farmers Stimulate the Economy
Real Christmas trees are grown just like any other crop, on family owned and operated farms.  All the money from the production of this crop stays in local economies, and supports working families in the community they are in.  Because they are a crop, Christmas tree farming is a year round job.

Late winter and early spring will see the New York State Christmas tree farmer and his local employees prepping their fields for the transplants or seedlings that will be planted to replace ones that had been harvested to adorn a family’s living room.  From there, they will pick pine cones, shear each tree into the perfect shape and tend to the pathways where customer will walk with their families during the Christmas season.

In November and December, Christmas tree farmers employ adults and teens alike to help customers on their journey to find the perfect tree.  Some farms hire upwards of 100 additional employees during the season.  These employees then spend their hard earned dollars in their local communities.  Beyond payroll, farmers typically purchase supplies and equipment locally, helping to stimulate local economies.

Americans enjoy about 35 million real Christmas trees annually.  Christmas tree farmers add $1.5 billion dollars to the American economy each and every year!  Don’t forget that money is returned to the American economy, and not China’s.

Real Christmas Trees are Safe
In recent years real Christmas trees have come under attack as not being safe. But, is there really any truth to that statement? Let's take a look at the facts.

Each year, approximately 35 million real Christmas trees are purchased in the United States. According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) data, fewer than one-one thousandth of a percent (0.001%) of Christmas trees are involved in a residential fires! Of course a real Christmas tree doesn't spontaneously combust. Those trees involved had an outside source as the cause of the fire. Plus that statistic includes both real and artificial trees. The NFPA states the cause of these fires were mostly caused by lamps and lighting, with the rest being from open flames or embers and even cigarettes. Never has a real Christmas tree caused or started a fire.